This was a great week for development.  I started implementing the background test art layers, further refined the UI system and also got the game running on Android!

Feels like development of the game has turned a corner in a really positive way.  The engine is stable and feature ready enough that I can start building onto the presentation layer of the game and implementing some test art to try out our rendering approach.

UI Development

One of the big challenges with the game’s UI is how to communicate interactive VS non interactive elements.  While the player can always find out for themselves what’s interactive by just mashing the d-pad I’d rather allow them to skip the headache and have things be visually clear.  Right now I’m trying the following approach for UI elements:


I know, clearly that took HOURS to come up with *sarcasm*.  Quite frankly it actually kind of did.  It was a difficult balance trying to get elements that were simple and intuitively clear how they functioned while being as visually consistent and elegant as possible.

Background Art Tests

Basic background art was implemented for a few scenes.  Yes, it’s all programmer art done by your’s truly, but it serves it’s purpose to test the approach.  Effectively we’re painting all non-interactive elements into a large scene sized bitmap painting.  It’s similar to the approach they take in anime where the backgrounds are highly details but the characters are drawn in a simplified style.

Now the screenshot below is full of my awesome ‘programmer art’ so the intended target style isn’t being achieved, but it’s a step towards seeing that style on screen.


Android Port

I got the game running on Android. It’s currently setup to use a keyboard for input but using a keyboard connected to my phone I was able to play it, and the framerate was solid on my Galaxy Note 2.  Lots of optimizing left to be done, so hopefully we’ll be able to target some crazy low-spec devices.  One big issue I need to address is that the game’s larger environments the zoomed out camera (Which is fine for TV and PC monitors) doesn’t work on a phone screen.  That is an issue that’ll have to be addressed after releasing on PC.

Alright, that’s it for now.

Next week:

  • Adding in post-meeting UI flow
  • Starting on a cutscene system
  • Further development of our art pipeline