Blaaargh, was still sick this week so I wasn’t super productive but I did manage to get some good stuff on screen.  The meeting results screen is working now and the cutscene system has been started.  Once I get the cutscene system setup I’ll start development of the Kickstarter demo, which means getting some actually substantial gameplay on screen!

Kickstarter Demo!

Enough work has been done on the engine It’s feeling like time to move onto actual gameplay development.  So the plan is we’ll build the game’s opening chapter in Japan and release that as a demo connected to a Kickstarter Campaign.  I’m very excited about this because it means I get to focus on gameplay development more as opposed to just coding.  Looking forwards to bringing you all more updates!

Meeting Results Screen

In order to keep up the themes of competition and status during the game I wanted to have a very clear ‘winners’ and ‘everyone else’ element to the end of the meeting.  Mechanically, whoever attains the highest status during a meeting is able to dictate part of the terms of the next meeting, making it so they’ll have an advantage.


Cutscene System

It’s still in very early development but the cutscene system is designed so it can leverage off of existing gameplay logic and then transition to something more elaborate.  I’m wanting a result similar to the opera sequence in Final Fantasy 6 with the cutscenes using the gameplay camera and in-game assets.  I’ll be adding in additional logic for things like overlays, fades, camera zooms and FOV changes to help the cutscenes emphasize their subjects.

Next Week:

  • Implement Cutscene System
  • Start Development of Kickstarter Demo!