It looks like we’ve got a pretty firm date of February 25th for the Kickstarter demo launch.  Now it’s time to get the actual demo finished and get everything lined up.  Been spending the week getting design, art, music and the Kickstarter Campaign up speeding towards our goal.


Before digging into gameplay development I decided to do some final game engine restructuring to ensure we don’t find ourselves wrestling with bugs down the road.  Effectively I went and redid how gameplay data access is handled so it’ll all be protected and we can’t have rogue systems (Or sloppy programming) messing with data it shouldn’t.

The start of the code-cleanup procedure. Working to privatise all of these variables and embed them properly into a class.
How the header code is looking after the improvements (Several thousands lined below updated as well)


I’ve also been spending a lot of time going over the design for the Kickstarter with a fine-tooth comb getting all the different components to segue nicely into one another.  The demo contains the following:


  • World exploration
  • Conversations
  • Inventory management
  • Drinking gameplay
  • Dream sequence gameplay
  • Drug use gameplay
  • Meeting gameplay
  • Stock Price Mechanics


  • Moab
  • Nishitani
  • Tezuka
  • Ottomo
  • Kurosawa
  • Drug Dealer (Murakami?)
  • Unnamed Monster (From dream sequence)


  • Hotel Rooftop
  • Player’s Hotel Room
  • Murakami’s Hotel Room
  • Hotel Bar
  • City Hall Research Library
  • Japanese Investment Bank Office
  • Airport

I tried something new with the design document and put it together in a PowerPoint presentation.  Seemed to work out really well since it allows me to format it in a way that details what the player does from scene to scene.



Worked on style guides and some animations to illustrate the behavior of some of the game’s rendering systems.  There’s lots of interesting rules I’ve been discovering about the game’s art style as a process of trial and error, but once we get final art available it should be looking good!


A few of the perspective rules:

tableperspectiveexampleLots more to figure out and officially compose.  But it’s actually a really fun art engineering challenge getting this stuff figured out.

Kickstarter Demo Development

Ha ha!  Opening moments of the Kickstarter demo are in game and coded up.  The opening sequence code is done, but it still needs lots of polish.  I’m planning to get all environments and characters roughed in by Christmas.
(Yes, that is all placeholder art for the first gameplay scene there)


Social Media

I launched a Twitter feed and did a soft announcement of the game on Facebook.  People are getting excited.

Twitter account:

  • All Kickstarter Demo Gameplay Locations setup
  • All Kickstarter Demo Characters setup
  • Start on getting art in place
  • Social Media Announcements of Kickstarter Party