After months of programming, the game engine is in good enough shape to start doing actual gameplay development!  Over the past weeks I’ve implemented 4 new locations and the title’s actual gameplay flow is starting to come together for the Kickstarter Demo.   I’ve also polished up the game’s logo to make it more dynamic.

New Logo

I spent a few hours polishing up the logo and trying some different things.  I’m interested to hear what people think.

New Logo:


Old Logo:



Demo Gameplay Development

Now that the gameplay engine has been largely developed I’m finally able to start developing the Kickstarter demo gameplay.

The past week I was able to get the following setup:

  • Opening Gameplay Countdown Animation
  • Japan Hotel Rooftop Gameplay
  • Player Hotel Room Gameplay
  • Drug Dealer Hotel Room (Environment Only)
  • Hotel Bar Gameplay

The system I’ve developed for handling gameplay logic development is working very well and this week I made some big improvements allowing for the interface to be much simpler, the program complexity to come way down and the flexibility of the system to greatly be improved.

There should be some art coming online soon, so I’ll be able to share more then.

Next Week:

  • Finish First pass of Kickstarter Demo Gameplay
  • Get beginning art into the game.