This week has seen continued improvements on the gameplay front for the title, new locations and gameplay sequences are coming in quite fast now.  As well, the tech for building the missions is improving by leaps and bounds.

Kickstarter Demo Progress:


Gameplay Developments

Much more of the Kickstarter Gameplay demo is in place, in particular the gameplay content for the City Hall research library area.  The Research Library in particular posed an interesting challenge as I limited myself to a fairly small level area so I needed to get creative on how the different sections of the library are used.  I wanted a layout where it would be:

  • Immediately apparent where the player is to go first
  • Feel cluttered but still be easy to navigate
  • Feel as large as possible


1st pass of City Hall Records Library environment.  Basic layout is designed and collision implemented. 2nd pass will overlay art onto the environment.

One of the tricks I did to make the space feel as large as possible was to try and divide it into as many unique sections as possible.  For example, the reception desk has a separate layout from the rear of the library, and the rear of the library has a unique layout compared to the east and west ‘wings’ of the library.  While not increasing the size of the area, it feels larger because of the number of unique locations your brain is tracking.

As for the implemented gameplay the past week:

  • Hotel Bar gameplay (Improvements)
  • Bar Drinking Gameplay (Placeholder)
  • Player Room Hangover Gameplay  (1st pass)
  • Dream Sequence Gameplay (Placeholder)
  • Hangover Wakeup Gameplay (1st pass)
  • City Hall Records Library Gameplay (1st pass)


Next Week:

  • Implement 1st pass drinking sequence gameplay
  • Implement 1st pass Dream Sequence Gameplay
  • Implement 1st pass Nishitani Offices gameplay
  • Implement 1st pass Nishitani Meeting gameplay
  • Implement 1st pass Airport Departures gameplay
  • Implement closing cutscene (placeholder)
  • Fix navigation UI issues
  • Fix DayPlanner issues
  • Implement message box system