This week, the demo’s final conflict sequence is in place, the meeting with Nishitani Capital Inc!  This is the player character’s first major deal in the game and the final challenge of the game’s opening chapter.  I’ve also started to assemble our press kit, with the first images below.

Kickstarter Demo Progress


2 area of gameplay has received its 1st pass ‘Nishitani Office and Nishitani Meeting’

The ‘Player Hotel Room’ environment has received it’s 1st and 2nd pass.  (Much of this will be re-used for the Dealer Hotel Room as well)

Programming and Gameplay

The Nishitani Capital Inc gameplay has received its first pass.  After the player completes their research at the library they travel to Nishitani they will see everyone in the meeting room.

Upon entering the meeting room a ‘meeting sequence’ begins that is populated from the game’s NPCs and uses the information that the player has researched so far.  After the meeting completes a small dialogue exchange occurs and the Airport Departures location is unlocked.

Assembling the Press Kit

I spent a lot of today working on how to advertise the game and present it.  I decided to work on a simple concept poster to solidify the game’s marketing message. I wanted something that would:

  • Give a rough idea of the game’s themes and objectives
  • Encourage action by the viewer
  • Be as non-specific yet descriptive as possible
  • Clearly be for a videogame
  • Get the viewer’s interest!

Here is my 1st pass at an advertisement poster:


The poster does need more colour and visual complexity, but the basics are there.  I’m going to get some feedback and let this design stew for a bit and see what jumps out at me that could use more improvement.

Once I get the marketing messaging further refined I can start developing the remaining press-kit materials.

Player Hotel Room Art Update

Here is the latest art for the Player Hotel Room in Japan:



Next Week:

  • 1st Pass Drinking Gameplay
  • 1st Pass Dream Sequence Gameplay
  • 1st Pass Airport Departures Gameplay
  • 1st Pass Closing Animation
  • 1st Pass Nishitani Capital Art
  • Implement Text Box System